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Welded plate-and-shell heat exchangers (LBQ)


Lanpec large scale welded plate-and-shell heat exchangers (LBQ)  is the largest type of plate heat exchanger currently available in China.

Lanpec is the only manufacturer in China for this type of huge heat transferring vessels. 

 The welded plate-and-shell heat exchangers (LBQ) represents the highest level of fully welded plate heat exchangers. It combines the advantages of plate and shell-and-tube heat exchangers, and is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, and harmful medias.

Prime uses for lanpec large heat exchangers include the recovery of heat from feed/effluent flows in processes such as catalytic reforming, diesel or naphtha hydrotreating and paraxylene or toluene production.

According to the different services & design layout, these heat exchangers can usually be categorized into either“Non-feed/effluent” or “Feed/effluent” type.

Top: Non-feed/effluent plate & shell heat exchanger horizontal layouy

Bottom: Feed/effluent plate & shell heat exchanger vertical layout


The above illustration is for information reference only, and the above structures are the previous old generation products.

General Configuration

Lanpec large plate & shell heat exchanger design consists of large mechanical-formed metal thin plates, welded into a plate pack that is then inserted into an even larger pressure vessel.

This unique configuration combines the exceptional thermal and hydraulic efficiency of modern plate heat exchanger technology with the traditional advantages of shell-and-tube units under high temperatures and high pressures.


Product parameters

# Surface area: 55 ㎡ to 13000 ㎡

# Plate width: 200 mm to 2000 mm

# Plate length: 600 mm to 20000 mm

# Design pressure: ≤5 MPa

# Design Temp.: ≤ 550 ℃

Main materials:

# Stainless Steel

# Titanium

# High Nickel Alloys

# Duplex

Material grades

#AISI 304 #316L #321 #S32205 #S32507 #S31254 #Nickel Alloy # Ti,

Applicable unit

# Reforming unit

#Aromatic unit

#Atmospheric decompression unit

#Sulfur recovery unit

#Bottom reboiler

#Tower top air cooler

#Compressor inter-section cooler

Design standards:



# GB

More information, prease refer to below link:

Visit A. Non-feed/effluent plate & shell heat exchanger 

Visit B. Feed/effluent plate & shell heat exchanger 


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