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Welded plate air preheaters (LKY)


Lanpec welded plate air preheater (LKY) is another patent product of gas/air heat transferring equipment. The plate air pre-heater is normally installed after the fired heater or furnace, provide optimum heat recovery from flue gases to preheat feed air and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Similar to any other lanpec welded plate heat exchangers, plate air pre-heater with a standard modular design adopts the welded corrugated plate bundle as the heat transferring element, instead of conventional tubes or heat pipes, which brings the advantages of high heat transferring efficiency, obvious anti-fouling performance & easy maintainance.

Welded plate air preheater (LKY)  adopts Lanpec's self-developed LP series plate type, which has the characteristics of high efficiency heat transfer, low pressure loss and self-cleaning.

It applies the modular design concept to realize the free combination of high and low temperature modules, intelligent material selection, modular manufacturing, and modular assembly.

The individual modules of the welded plate air preheater (LKY) can be cleaned and replaced. In the energy-saving transformation of industrial furnace heating system, it is gradually replacing other types gas-to-gas heat exchangers.

Product parameters:

# Surface area: 1000 ㎡ to 30000 ㎡

# Plate width: 600 mm to 2000 mm

# Design pressure: ≤ 0.1 MPa

The main materials are as follows:

# Carbon steel

# Stainless Steel

# Titanium

# High Nickel Alloys

# Duplex

Material grades 

#AISI 304 #316L #321 #S32205 #S32507 #S31254 #Nickel Alloy # Ti,

Applicable unit: 

#Fume denitration purification unit

#Flue gas desulfurization purification unit

#Acrylonitrile tail gas catalytic oxidation unit

#Various types of industrial heating furnace system

Design standards:



# GB


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