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Other upstream equipment


The upstream sector of the oil & gas industry mainly includes the onshore & offshore curde oil and natural gas production, as well as the oil & gas preliminary treatments.

The upstream equipment design and manufacture have been part of our portfolio since our first oil/gas/water separator design in1980, and our first drilling rig reference in  China in1983.

In last 30  years, our engineers have continuously improved the design to meet higher requirements of our clients from more than 20 countries, for both onshore & offshore services.

Scope of provision

As for the upstream, lanpec is capable to provide the engineering, design and manufacture of the equipment below:

Oil & gas production:                                                                        Crude oil treatment:

#Drillingrigs                                                                                          #Dehydrators 

#Wellhead servicing equipment                                                          #Desalter

Oil/ gas/ water separation:                                                               Others

#Oil/Gas/Water Separators                                                                #Modules for offshore platform/ FPSO

#Test separator                                                                                  #PIG launcher & receivers 

#Production separator                                                                       #Chemical injection package

#Filter separator                                                                                #Pipe line manifold

#Slug catcher                                                                                    #Scrubbers

                                                                                                          #Oil-containing effluent treatment unit

                                                                                                          #Natural gas treatment unit

                                                                                                          #Gas dehydration unit


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