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Offshore platform modules


Offshore platform modules

Same with FPSO, any type of processing unit which is used onshore can technically be implemented offshore. 

Lanpec has worked a lot on the modularization concept to offer optimized module solutions for offshore platforms.

截屏2021-12-16 11.16.23.png

Left: a lanpec separator/chemical injection module is to be hanging onto the offshore platform in the east China sea.

By holding its own processes together with complete engineering capabilities from basic design up to construction supervision, this makes lanpec a reliable supplier, able to offer tailored and optimized module solutions to meet offshore platform design and procurement specifications.

截屏2021-12-16 11.29.34.png

Left: crude oil separator modules supplied by lanpec for offshore platforms, owned by CNOOC.

Lanpec could provide system engineering, equipment skids, modularization, site construction of the platform top side process modules.

Chunxiao gas field central platform, east China sea. 

Lanpec provided process engineering, separator & manifold modules, etc.

截屏2021-12-16 11.44.08.png

Dongfang1-1gas field platform, east China sea.

Lanpec provided process engineering, separator, heat exchanger &manifold modules, etc.

截屏2021-12-16 11.46.18.png

Bajiaoting gasfield wellhead platform, east China sea. 

Lanpec provided system process engineering, modules design, etc.


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