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High pressure hydrogenating heat exchangers


The high pressure hydrogenating heat exchanger are commonly applied for hydrocracking units in any 

refinery & petrochemical plant, with high pressure & temperature system demands.

Lanpec’s high pressure hydrogenating heat exchangers use advanced sealing structures, which is our special know-how, to ensure dependable leak-free operation.


# Design Pressure 7.0-35 MPa

# Design Temperature 300-700 ℃

# Shell diameter ≤ 1800 mm


# Hydrogenation/hydrocracking units

# Ammonia plant

# Any high pressure heat transferring services

Sealing structure

There are 2 main kinds of sealing structure for lanpec high pressure heat exchangers: 

Omega ring sealing or diaphragm sealing.

The special sealing with comparatively a simpler structure, could be easily maintained at site.This design not only decreases the size and weight of the equipment flange and main bolts, but also guarantees the reliability & lower cost of the heat exchanger


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